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MorsMaraudre Mods
03 February 2005 @ 04:40 am
A brief description of morsmaraudre:

This is a SATIRE. Please understand that although this RPG does take place during the rise of Voldemort and the First War in the 1970s, and henceforth there would have been a lot of talk about those particular subjects, we here at morsmaraudre will not put a great deal of emphasis on the war outside of Hogwarts. This does not mean that we will disregard the war going on, but that it will not be the majority of what the characters talk about. The characters in the RPG will discuss what is going on in the Wizarding World around them at the time, but again, this will not be the focus of the RPG. If that is what you were looking for as a potential player, or even as a watcher, than I suggest you go look for a more serious RPG that does deal with such topics. We want to keep this with the canon, of course, but we want to make this fun, and more importantly, FUNNY. We are here for a laugh, not to bring everyone down about the war. If you want to read about the war, I suggest you either visit the Harry Potter Lexicon or read the first five Harry Potter books. If you're looking for something serious, this is not for you, and if you're willing to commit to a satire, a spoof to an extent, then please, by all means, fill out the application to be a player.

---> Rules for morsmaraudre:

-- As this is journal-based, and as I hope all of you have previous journal-RPG experience, you will know that ALL posts and comments will be done in the FIRST PERSON. I can not emphasise this fact enough. If you do not know what the concept of first person is, I advise you not to complete the application, as we are looking for experienced players. No offence, but we know the pitfalls of new players, and would rather prefer experienced ones. Also, as you will post and comment in first person, you are PROHIBITED from using an sort of actions here. Let me explain.

If you want to explain an action that happened in your journal, do not, and I will emphasise this until I turn blue in the face, do NOT, do this:

*Sirius kicks James in the nads for chatting up Gladys*

Do that, and I will cut you at the knees. If you want to talk about something that happened, even if it happened at that particular moment, you will give a first-hand account of it. So instead of the atroceousness of what I said up there, you will instead say, 'I just kicked James in the nads for chatting up Gladys. Bloody deserved it too, the sod,' or something to that effect. You can not do this at ALL for any motions, and if you have a smiley you'd want to show, for the love of God just do this ':D' or ':)', or just steal the ones Y!M has and make images out of them and link those in your comments/posts. How difficult is that? If you don't get what I'm saying here, simply ask and I'll be more than happy to explain.

-- Although this is journal-based, there will be a lot of RP interactive via Yahoo Messenger (our preferred messenger). We ask you, we do not demand it at all, but if you can get Y!M on your computer, please do so. We have the link if you need to download it, and I can tell you from extensive use of Y!M that it is by FAR better than AIM and MSN messenger.

-- This RPG is taking place in the late 1970s England, so you must make sure that any outside reference, with the wizarding world, Muggle world, pop culture, etc., will pertain to those times specifically. There should be NO mention of any pop or political reference to anything beyond early 1977, which is when this RPG is taking place. If you don't know what happened in the world at the time, we will provide you with links to popular music in England back then and what was going on in politics in the Muggle world. All news wizarding related can be found in the books and the Lexicon. Remember, Evanescence wasn't around in the 1970s - hell, I'm pretty sure they weren't even BORN back then, so please watch what songs you put down or what people you put down. For the love of God, double-check what you write out before you do it. Simple proofreading for logistics is all we ask.

- Links for the 1970s British Time Era:
-- Bradboard.com Top 500 songs of the 70s (Also has yearly lists.)
-- Singles Charts - Best of 1976
-- Singles Charts - Best of 1977
-- Post WWII - The 'British Disease' 1970-1979
-- Post WWII - Turbulent Politics 1970-79
-- The Northern Ireland Conflict - The IRA campaign 1974 - 1980

-- Something you obviously noticed is that we don't have any of the adults players, i.e. professors, Death Eaters, parents, ministry officials, etc., in this RPG. This is all very deliberate on our part. Although you are not allowed to powerplay any of the characters being played in the RP by other players, you are required to powerplay those characters from the books that are not played specifically by anyone. This is where the OOC community, morsooc, comes in. If and when you need to powerplay ANY character, you must inform the rest of the players in an OOC post so as to make sure it doesn't clash with other peoples' ideas. This is what morsooc is for, and what it is SOLELY for. It will be used when you need to tell us what your character is up to, and to inform us of what characters you will be powerplaying, and if you need any particular characters that are being actively played by someone, give them the heads up. This can also be achieved via IM if you use Y!M. You have many ways to contact your fellow players; I would advise you to use them to your advantage.

-- We also ask that you keep your real identity anonymous. If you are a player at morsmaraudre, then please do not broadcast it to the world. Don't link to your real LJ anywhere on your player account or anywhere in else related to the RPG. You can watch the community with your regular LJ name (if you have one), but otherwise you should have no other ties outside of your player to the RPG. It leaves a lot of mystery to the readers/watchers if they don't know who we were. Basically, don't go around tell everyone you're a player here, just know that your fellow players think you're awesome and that's all you need. ;)

When you fill out the application, be sure to answer the last question, "Snape wanks to ABBA" so we know you've read the rules! If it's not there we won't consider your application! Dancing queen, young and sweeeeeeet only seventeen ooooooh yeah!!!

---> A breakdown of the rules above:
-- morsmaraudre is a satirical Marauder-era RPG, meaning it will not be serious or have dark-themes.
-- All journals posts and comments will be in the first-person, and there will be no actions written out.
-- Some of the RPing will be done via Y!M, so you are recommended to get it.
-- Since this RP takes place in the late 1970s, all references will be made to that time period.
-- You will powerplay those characters that are not being played by other people and use the OOC comm, morsooc to inform us.
-- Keep your real identity anonymous in the RPG, whether IC or OOC.

P.s. Absolutely NO original characters. Only apply for the vacant characters on the userinfo page!
MorsMaraudre Mods
01 February 2005 @ 04:55 am
MorsMaraudre Application

-- Fill out the following and email it to morsmaraudre@gmail.com with 'MorsMaraudre App' as the subject line.

Be sure you've read the rules before you fill out this application! You're responsible for knowing them if you plan to join.

1) About You:
a) Name (Whatever you'd like us to call you):
b) Age:
c) Time zone:

2) Contact Information
- Email Address:

- Messenger:
a) Yahoo (Preferred):
b) AIM:
c) MSN:

3) Links to previous RP experience:

4) Desired Character (answer as thoroughly as possible):
a) Name:
b) Age/Year (remember this RPG takes place in 1977):
c) House:
d) Character Biography (beyond canon facts, how do you intend to develop your character):
e) Physical Description:
f) Played By:

5) Sample entry (always in first person and at least three paragraphs long):

6) What-if scenario for your desired character (you must fill it out):
If you were out past curfew with your significant other and caught by Professor McGonagall, what would be your excuse to get out of the possible detention she would give you, and be as detailed as humanly possible. (First or third person account is fine, so long as you answer it.)

7) How much time do you have to participate in this RPG? We're looking for dedicated players so please be honest and only apply if you're going to be active.

8) If you've read the RPG description then you realize this game is not dark or serious, and that your character may be called upon for some rather unusual plots. Are you open-minded enough to handle anything we throw your way plotwise?

9) What is Severus Snape's favourite pasttime?